God is for you

I said goodbye to a friend the other day who is moving out of California. We had this incredible conversation too. It was one of those good, heart to heart, deep outpouring of kindred spirits talks. The kind of dialogue you think only exists in movies where writers meticulously edit over and over again until it’s just right. Well, that might be stretching it, but it was a good conversation nonetheless. My friend reminded me of an important truth I think I had forgotten. “God is always for you,” he said.

I thought more about his statement after we parted ways. God is for you. Ever notice how you live differently when you think differently about God? Theology is never merely theoretical. The truth is, our lives change when our theology influences how we live. Believing God is for us has the power to do just that.

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A Messy Monday



This past Monday was one of those days you just try and survive. It was an onslaught of frustration and stress, like the week just declared war against you. I lived in the tension for the greater part of the day, looking forward to going home and finding refuge in a nice meal and hours of mindless TV watching. But things didn’t turn out like that.

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The Bread Man

I met the bread man a few months back. Never heard of him? I hadn’t either until he pulled up outside of our church in his van full of carbs. His name is John and he lives in our city. I liked him immediately. He wears black and white tweed pants and blue blocker sun glasses. He drives a rusty brown astro van with no benches and a cracked windshield. The reason there are no benches in his van is so he can fill it with bread. Go figure. Every once in a while, John gets a call from Vons. I’m not sure why they call him or how he got this gig, but every month or so Vons calls John. They tell him they have a pickup for him. John then drives his rusty brown astro van to Vons and fills it with bread. Lot’s of bread.