The Fallacy of Numbers


If you spend enough time in and around church culture, you’re bound to hear lot’s of talk about numbers. Churches, it seems, are fascinated by the myriad of ways we can calculate, measure, and record virtually everything in the congregation. Most of the time, numbers are used in positive ways that help people have a grasp on what’s happening in the life of the church, and the overall impact the church is having.

Numbers used in that way, are truly significant. There is a danger, though, when numbers are viewed as the sole determining factor of our success.

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Preach the Pauses


One of the things they teach you in seminary is the importance of crafting sermons. A lot of instruction goes into creating biblically sound, articulate, and application heavy messages. Of course, there are certain things about sermons that can’t be taught, but can only be learned.

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You are not finished


(Photo by synx508 on Flickr)

Something strange happened to me earlier this year. It was nothing new or out of the ordinary or anything really exciting like winning the lottery or a year of free pizzas. It was just my birthday. As far as I can tell, birthdays seem to happen every year, right on time. But this birthday felt a little different at first because it was my 30th. Turns out, turning 30 is no big deal…even if I thought it was for a while.

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What are we known for?


I’ve been thinking in surveys and polls recently–which I know is sort of a weird thing to admit–however, my fascination with surveys and group studies is founded in a question. I’ve been wondering what single characteristic most people would say defines their church or ministry. Moreover, if someone came to your church or ministry gathering for the first time, what would stick out to them? What would be their main takeaway?

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