Friends in Ministry

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Conferencing again

I’ve been in full-time ministry for about nine years now. Over the years, I’ve realized how easy it is to get lost doing my own thing, rigidly focused on tasks and obligations that I miss out on what’s happening around me. But there is something incredible that happens when we choose to work together in ministry.

Recently, I’ve been reminded about the importance of fellowship, partnerships, and the beauty of the church working together.

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Uber Rides, Learning Your Barista’s Name, and Genuine Human Connection


A long time ago, back before many of us were a twinkle or a speck or a tiny fig newton in our parent’s minds, a book came out called “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I first heard about the book several years ago, but only recently read the thing when a friend told me about it. Then NPR did a special on the book, and I read it again.

How to Win Friends and Influence People talks about the wonderful art of connecting with others, regardless of our personality or temperament.

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The Fallacy of Numbers


If you spend enough time in and around church culture, you’re bound to hear lot’s of talk about numbers. Churches, it seems, are fascinated by the myriad of ways we can calculate, measure, and record virtually everything in the congregation. Most of the time, numbers are used in positive ways that help people have a grasp on what’s happening in the life of the church, and the overall impact the church is having.

Numbers used in that way, are truly significant. There is a danger, though, when numbers are viewed as the sole determining factor of our success.

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Preach the Pauses


One of the things they teach you in seminary is the importance of crafting sermons. A lot of instruction goes into creating biblically sound, articulate, and application heavy messages. Of course, there are certain things about sermons that can’t be taught, but can only be learned.

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