Growing up is hard


Working with young people is a poignant reminder that growing up is hard. Our young people don’t get enough credit for what they’re going through. Adolescents is a journey of discovery. It’s the pain of coming to grips with reality. It’s a turbulent, confusing season of life. We don’t think much of it now because we’re out of it.

But can you remember what is was like growing up?

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Thin Spaces


I heard about the concept of thin spaces a while ago. The story goes like this. Native Americans believed there were certain places where the spiritual world was more available. If you wandered to one of these locations, you were more in-tune with the spirit. They called these ‘thin spaces.’ Somehow, the spiritual world came alive because you were closer and more aware of its presence. I thought that sounded beautiful and not so different from what we experience as Christ-followers.

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