Crafting Messages For Students


One of the many joys I’ve had in working with young people over the years, is crafting messages for our weekly gatherings. The thrill of the blank page and capturing God’s message has, and continues to be, life giving for me.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with different teaching styles, but the focus has remained the same: Reading and exegeting the Scriptures, and formulating a message for a specific group of students.

I often dialogue with other youth leaders about the process of crafting messages and I’m always eager to learn how to improve in this area. Here are a few ideas I’m working through.

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The Divine Pull


Have you ever heard someone talk about the “good ol’ days?” Typically, this phrase is used to describe a season in life that was beautiful, fun, and invigorating. It was playing high school sports, or making memories in college. It was a season of freedom and vitality, a vision we hold onto from the days that have passed us by.

We all reminisce from time to time, letting nostalgia run its course. Remembering can be a beautiful thing. However, when someone lives their daily life believing their best days are behind them, we call that tragic.

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A Theology of Fun


This past weekend we had one of the most highly anticipated events of our youth ministry calendar—our All-Nighter. The anticipation works two ways: 1) The joy of fun times and a night of random crazy antics coming your way 2) The trepidation that sinks in when you realize you get a night of no sleep. The latter becomes especially obvious the older you get.

But we do all-nighters, just like we do other fun type events, because we believe in the power of fun. Further, we might go as far as to say we believe in developing a theology of fun.

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