The Divine Pull


Have you ever heard someone talk about the “good ol’ days?” Typically, this phrase is used to describe a season in life that was beautiful, fun, and invigorating. It was playing high school sports, or making memories in college. It was a season of freedom and vitality, a vision we hold onto from the days that have passed us by.

We all reminisce from time to time, letting nostalgia run its course. Remembering can be a beautiful thing. However, when someone lives their daily life believing their best days are behind them, we call that tragic.

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A Theology of Fun


This past weekend we had one of the most highly anticipated events of our youth ministry calendar—our All-Nighter. The anticipation works two ways: 1) The joy of fun times and a night of random crazy antics coming your way 2) The trepidation that sinks in when you realize you get a night of no sleep. The latter becomes especially obvious the older you get.

But we do all-nighters, just like we do other fun type events, because we believe in the power of fun. Further, we might go as far as to say we believe in developing a theology of fun.

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The art of slowing down

“Hurry is not of the devil, it is the devil” (Carl Jung). have a hard time with the whole Rest and Relaxation thing. There are days when I feel like that little kid from Talladega Nights–“I’m all jacked up on mountain dew!”–and I realize my day is nonstop movement. Life feels like a series of things to check off a to-do list. Constantly, it seems, I am thinking of what I need to do next in ministry and life. After one event, I’m looking forward to the next; after one message, I’m brainstorming about next week. On and on it goes. And this constant on-the-go lifestyle can be draining. Seriously. You act more like a machine than a person. The problem is only exacerbated when you realize the church seems to promote this kind of busy-with-much-haste lifestyle.

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