Homesick for a place we’ve never been


There is a beautiful line in the movie Garden State where Zach Braff and Natalie Portman talk about coming home. Zach’s character  has returned home to find things are different and will never be the same. He goes on to say you become “homesick for a place that doesn’t even exist.”  I love that line. I wonder if the church is a gathering of people who are  homesick as well. But not for a place that doesn’t exist, but for one we’ve never been to.

The church is a gathering of people homesick for a place they’ve never been. This band of brothers and sisters is united by hope for a better world and a purer existence. Hope in our Lord, that there is more to this life than what we see. Transcendence is everywhere. We taste it in our favorite meals and feel it with every sunrise. There is more happening around us and in us than what meets the eye. We hold onto faith. Belief that heaven is coming down and we are part of creation’s redemption. Life is a grand adventure in getting lost in the eyes of our King. We’ve been given keys to the kingdom and we are stumbling towards its open doors.

You and I are part of a new land. We are embarking on new territory, the new jerusalem. The promises of old are coming true. We are brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. This new land is a new family, not divided by geography but defined solely on the person of Jesus Christ. Redemption welcomes us in. The hound of heaven is relentless in the pursuit of His bride. He will stop at nothing to make preprations for our arrival. Our homecoming is signaled by a heavenly chorus, celebrating as one more lost soul finds home. But this life is not without struggle.

The pressure to conform to the pattern of this world is a daily temptation. We’re told to pick sides. We must defend the home front. Our list of enemies grows daily. We reside in a tit for tat kingdom of outdoing one another whether its by the weapons of military might, or the severing of relationships with our words. The world defines us by its own biased categories. Our worth determined by how we fit in the rat-race. Negativity abounds. Our souls are polluted with the lies of this world. Nevertheless, a voice guides us forward, reminding us that what we see is not our true home.

We’re being tested. Everyday. Conflict is necessary for our growth. Pain and suffering are but the birth pains of greater things to come–subtle reminders we are passing from one life to the next. Our rebirth is the freedom to no longer live as the world does. Our temporary home can take what it wants. We give ourselves over to its demands. A prophet is never welcomed in his hometown.We are from the world but not of it. Every day we are getting closer to life. We believe a greater life exists now and lasts for all eternity.

We strive and fight, struggling for the glory available now.We don’t sit idly by but embrace all that has been given to us. All creation will rejoice with us. We are more than conquers. We are more than warriors crossing enemy lines. We are royalty, rightly claiming our place in the king’s throne room. The lies of this world are fading. No longer do they attract us, seduce us, or entrap us. We’ve found our sanctuary. Homesick for a place we’ve never been. The time is closer now more than ever. Soon our coronation will take place. Soon we’ll look back and reminisce about the journey to our true home. Soon, the true King will take his rightful place and every knee will bow and every tongue confess his leadership.

Our allegiance is to another King and another Kingdom. Another way is possible. The early church believed this other way was found in the resurrected Son of God. The greatest danger in the world is misplaced hope. Therefore, we place our hope entirely in one place. We cling to the message of the cross. It is foolishness to the world, but salvation for those who believe.

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