Last Wednesday Night (6-29-16)


Summer has gotten off to an awesome, high-paced start.

Here’s what we did last night…

Last night was different from our normal Wednesday evening gathering. We didn’t have our typical service. There were no videos or songs or a message. Instead, we hosted something we dubbed “Messy Olympics.” Basically, it was exactly as it sounds. A night of crazy and ridiculous games that were extremely messy.

We had Messy Twister (the game twister with different condiments).

And we created a massive Slip N Slide to play a Jimmy Fallon Game.

And we did the infamous water balloon toss game.

And we played tug-o-war over a pool of Jello.

And, finally, we unleashed the classic game “Steal the Bacon,” except we used our Slip N Slide and a greased watermelon.

IMG_0497  IMG_0498 IMG_0500

And then when it was all said and done, there was a massive messy, wet, and condiment-heavy fight with everyone involved (I still don’t know why we used mayonnaise. Gross.) It was youth group pandemonium.

Through all the wacky games, though, I was reminded of a core belief I have regarding youth ministry: it’s okay to have a little fun.

Students need it.They need the invitation and opportunity to let loose and to act their age. With all the stress and anxiety thrust upon most of our modern-day students, a little reprieve in the form a wacky and fun night is needed. It’s good to be reminded that although life at times is difficult, it’s also fun and sweet and joy-filled.

After being doused in water, covered in mayonnaise and mustard, and getting a mouthful of cherry jello, I couldn’t help but think it was a pretty good sermon.

Wacky and silly and crazy and ridiculous nights like this, remind me that being alive in a beautiful thing.

I can’t help but think Jesus smiles when his kids play and laugh and let loose for a while. It’s good for the soul, you know?

So, there you have it.

That, my friends, was last Wednesday night.

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