Last Wednesday Night


Here’s what we did Last Wednesday Night…

Games we played:

We did a round of volleyball in our gym. One of our leaders broke his finger during the game. Savage.

Videos we showed:

Running Man Challenge Zebra edition (This is great.)

Song List:

Only King Forever

In Christ Alone

Give Me Faith


We had our good friends and ministry partners, Samuel and Jose, join us for the evening. Sam is from Chile and he’s a missionary in Ecuador. He taught from Luke 15 and really encouraged the students. It was amazing to have him come and share. We’ve been blessed to have such a strong relationship with our missionaries over the years, and to have them come and share with the youth has been unbelievably cool.

Favorite Moment(s) of the Night:

Having Samuel and Jose join us for the night was incredible. I can’t wait to hang out with them in Ecuador this summer. Another cool moment was talking with our senior guys about prom (a number of our students had prom last weekend). My co- leader, Liam, and I shared our embarrassing prom stories. Awe, yes. Good times.

So… there you have it, my friends. How was youth group for y’all?


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