Lust for Life



There’s this beautiful teaching in Judaism that words create worlds. The creative force inherent in our words, written and spoken, has the potential to bring to life what wasn’t there before.

Personally, I find this teaching most applicable in books. I love reading and sifting through someone’s words put together to teach, inspire, and instruct. I get lost in words.

We take in words everyday, but every once in a while, you come across a set of words that stick with you, that change you, that inspire you. Recently, for me, this was reading the book Lust for Life.

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Waking Up


There are several niche stories spattered throughout the Scriptures that delve into this idea of being spiritually awake. Men and women go about their business, only to be interrupted by a divine appointment.

I’ve read these accounts and often found a bit of my story in there too, tucked between the verses. God is saying something here. He’s reminding us to pay attention.

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Caught In Between


Last week I had the opportunity to publish my first book. It’s called Caught In Between: Thoughts and Musings On the Spiritual Life. The book is available on Amazon and I’d love for you to check it out.

This is a project I’ve been working on for a while now, and with the help of some incredible friends, it came together. The process taught me about not only about writing, but also about creativity, risk, and overcoming fear.

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The Shack


Not everyone will like The Shack. I get that. There are parts of it that are questionable from a Biblical perspective. But this movie also revealed some incredible things. It’s a story about forgiveness and the unrelenting love of God.

If you really lean in, I believe, this film will teach you something about the extraordinary love of God and the power of forgiveness.

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