Why all good things must come to an end


I had an emotional night last month and I’m finally ready to talk about. My favorite television show, The Office, aired its final episode. It was sad. It hurt. I may have even shed a tear when one of the main characters, Michael Scott, made a surprise appearance at the very end of the show. It’s just a television show, but it’s funny how connected you became to the characters. They were part of you in a way. It’s especially weird when you consider what has happened in your life between the time span of the first episode and where it is now. A lot has changed in nine years in my life and the world.

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The Dude Abides


Ever heard someone use the phrase “God showed up?” Usually it’s uttered after a powerful worship service. After the singing and the preaching, someone says, “Wow. God was there. Did you feel that?” I know I’ve said it before. But it’s one of those sayings that isn’t accurate. The longer I follow Jesus I realize that He is with me and he’s not leaving. He’s not the type that comes late to a party or “shows up” when he feels like it. He abides.

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The Waiting Room

 waiting room

A while back I was having trouble sleeping so I went to see my doctor. He ended up scheduling an appointment with a neurologist. So, for about a month I made several visits to the doctor and found myself sitting in the waiting room.

I’m convinced there is not another setting on earth that is more divided or full of contrasts than a hospital waiting room. Some people wait to hear news of new life; others wait to hear about death. There are those who are leaving the hospital, having recovered from their illness or made it successfully through operations and procedures; others, though, are just arriving, ready to fix what is broken. Joy and sorrow are dance partners in such a place.

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