Crafting Messages For Students


One of the many joys I’ve had in working with young people over the years, is crafting messages for our weekly gatherings. The thrill of the blank page and capturing God’s message has, and continues to be, life giving for me.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with different teaching styles, but the focus has remained the same: Reading and exegeting the Scriptures, and formulating a message for a specific group of students.

I often dialogue with other youth leaders about the process of crafting messages and I’m always eager to learn how to improve in this area. Here are a few ideas I’m working through.

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Awkward Moments and Honest Talk: A Pastor’s Worst Nightmare



There’s a fairly awkward moment that happens quite frequently to me, as if the universe has decided to make me uncomfortable as often as possible. Typically, this encounter takes place when I’m meeting new people be it at a party, a concert, or just standing in line. I strike up a conversation with someone and we begin to share about life. Sometimes it seems like we’re becoming friends. Naturally, we’re making one another laugh and finding points of interest to converse on.

But then it happens. Inevitably, it’s the same thing every time.

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Theological Rocks

DSC_0476 copycrop_o

I came across the concept of theological rocks several years ago. The premise is, every one of us has certain foundational beliefs, .i.e. rocks, that ground us in our lives and ministry. These core beliefs about who God is and how God acts define our ministries, illuminating what we believe and value. Everyone has theological rocks…and they’re important.

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