Risk Management


I’ve realized something about myself somewhat recently. I am quite adept at risk management. In fact, I think I’m kind of an expert at it, really. Over the years, I’ve become highly skilled and well-trained in the art of eliminating doubt, confusion, and the unknown from my life.

Risk management is the ability to balance, plan for, and avoid any complications with a well-ordered life. In other words, risk management is avoiding uncertainty. It’s fighting against the forces that might try to tear one away from a neat and tidy, safe life.

Turns out, I’m also quite good at worrying to the point that I cross all the proverbial t’s and dot the necessary i’s so I don’t really have to worry at all. The problem with living this way, though, is it’s easy to replace true faith with my plans. I know I do this all the time.

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Graduations and Transitions and the Bittersweet nature of it all


It’s that time of the year again. The fateful season of graduations and farewells and transitions and the beautiful, but bittersweet reality of moving on. It’s the same dynamic every year, and yet it continuously catches me by surprise. Transitions are never easy, but they are a vital part of life.

In youth ministry, we simultaneously celebrate and mourn during graduation season. As hard as it is to say goodbye, we also celebrate the reality that the future is here and it’s time to embrace it.

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Pace and Sustainable Youth Ministry


We all have a workload threshold. Even the most focused down-to-business-type-A-workaholics out there have a point of exhaustion. The pace at which we operate in life, and especially in youth ministry, matters a ton. Burn out helps no one, and it is our responsibility to preserve our health.

Sustainability is a good thing. Ultimately, the pace of our lives and ministries are up to us to structure and maintain. The question is how do we do this? How do we maintain a sustainable pace in ministry?

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