Boyhood or (the film that should have won best picture according to a youth pastor)


Boyhood did not win much of anything yesterday. Although I feel Boyhood got snubbed, I did enjoy the other films. Honestly, I really did. I was overwhelmingly impressed by the films nominated for best picture this year. Seriously. The quality of movies we got to watch and enjoy was insane. These were beautiful films with superb acting, dynamic cinematography, and some genius direction. It was literally poetry on screen. For that I am grateful.

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Warm Oceans and The Worlds We Live In


In his book, Telling the Truth, Frederick Buechner wrote that we don’t just live in the world, but a world lives in us. Our inner world is a combination of our dreams and fears, our memories and longings, our worries and hopes, our passions and regrets, all culminating in an inner place that is as alive to us as the physical world we live in. The truth is, we are all bearing witness to this place of existence and seeking to share that part of us with others.

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Why all good things must come to an end


I had an emotional night last month and I’m finally ready to talk about. My favorite television show, The Office, aired its final episode. It was sad. It hurt. I may have even shed a tear when one of the main characters, Michael Scott, made a surprise appearance at the very end of the show. It’s just a television show, but it’s funny how connected you became to the characters. They were part of you in a way. It’s especially weird when you consider what has happened in your life between the time span of the first episode and where it is now. A lot has changed in nine years in my life and the world.

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