Turning Pro

boxing gloves

I’m slowly learning there is a monumental difference between the professional and the amateur. Take sports for example. The amateur athlete hasn’t been tested yet. He is still raw and inexperienced. He hasn’t discovered his drive or will. Practices are held when he feels like it. Often times, instant gratification trumps dedication to his craft. His level of commitment is shallow. The professional, on the other hand, is time-tested and refined. He’s been to battle. He knows you reap what you sow. Practice isn’t based on feeling or even desire. Rather, he is at it everyday, rain or shine. Come hell or high water. The professional knows what’s at stake. His level of commitment is deep.

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Homesick for a place we’ve never been


There is a beautiful line in the movie Garden State where Zach Braff and Natalie Portman talk about coming home. Zach’s character  has returned home to find things are different and will never be the same. He goes on to say you become “homesick for a place that doesn’t even exist.”  I love that line. I wonder if the church is a gathering of people who are  homesick as well. But not for a place that doesn’t exist, but for one we’ve never been to.

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