Pace and Sustainable Youth Ministry


We all have a workload threshold. Even the most focused down-to-business-type-A-workaholics out there have a point of exhaustion. The pace at which we operate in life, and especially in youth ministry, matters a ton. Burn out helps no one, and it is our responsibility to preserve our health.

Sustainability is a good thing. Ultimately, the pace of our lives and ministries are up to us to structure and maintain. The question is how do we do this? How do we maintain a sustainable pace in ministry?

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Realistic Expectations


Expectations. We all have them. At times, they can be a point of focus, a perennial north star guiding us into the future. And those other times? Well, they can be a major source of pain and frustration. This is especially true when people place expectations on us.

I’ve noticed this often occurs in the lives of young people. Deliberate or not, we tend to place unrealistic expectations on them. This is partly due to a desire to see them succeed and live healthy, full lives. Another part, though, is due to a misunderstanding we have when working with young people.

We’ve forgotten to let young people be… young people.

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Friends in Ministry

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Conferencing again

I’ve been in full-time ministry for about nine years now. Over the years, I’ve realized how easy it is to get lost doing my own thing, rigidly focused on tasks and obligations that I miss out on what’s happening around me. But there is something incredible that happens when we choose to work together in ministry.

Recently, I’ve been reminded about the importance of fellowship, partnerships, and the beauty of the church working together.

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Crafting Messages For Students


One of the many joys I’ve had in working with young people over the years, is crafting messages for our weekly gatherings. The thrill of the blank page and capturing God’s message has, and continues to be, life giving for me.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with different teaching styles, but the focus has remained the same: Reading and exegeting the Scriptures, and formulating a message for a specific group of students.

I often dialogue with other youth leaders about the process of crafting messages and I’m always eager to learn how to improve in this area. Here are a few ideas I’m working through.

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