Thoughts on the Oscars and award shows and Hollywood Hacks


I thought about the condition of my soul while watching the Oscars.  Because award shows are a weird thing we do in our culture. We celebrate men and women who entertain us.  The same thing happens with professional athletes and musicians. We pay them ridiculous amounts of money because they are good at making a ball go through a hoop, or great at playing an instrument, or as is the case with the Oscars, making a movie. It’s like we say “You are one of the best things in this world because…because…I watch you on TV!’

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Thin Spaces


I heard about the concept of thin spaces a while ago. The story goes like this. Native Americans believed there were certain places where the spiritual world was more available. If you wandered to one of these locations, you were more in-tune with the spirit. They called these ‘thin spaces.’ Somehow, the spiritual world came alive because you were closer and more aware of its presence. I thought that sounded beautiful and not so different from what we experience as Christ-followers.

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Silver Linings Playbook


Silver Linings Playbook is a movie you need to see. I guess I could say that about any movie I choose to write a post on, but this one in particular is a must see. The film will touch you in a profound way. It’s an emotional journey of laughter and sadness, joy and pain. And I imagine for many people, the themes in the movie will hit very close to home. I fell in love with the awkward, raw, and volatile characters portrayed by a brilliant cast. If there is a film this year that truly deserves the title of  best picture, this is it.

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