Preach the Pauses


One of the things they teach you in seminary is the importance of crafting sermons. A lot of instruction goes into creating biblically sound, articulate, and application heavy messages. Of course, there are certain things about sermons that can’t be taught, but can only be learned.

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Boyhood or (the film that should have won best picture according to a youth pastor)


Boyhood did not win much of anything yesterday. Although I feel Boyhood got snubbed, I did enjoy the other films. Honestly, I really did. I was overwhelmingly impressed by the films nominated for best picture this year. Seriously. The quality of movies we got to watch and enjoy was insane. These were beautiful films with superb acting, dynamic cinematography, and some genius direction. It was literally poetry on screen. For that I am grateful.

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Theological Rocks

DSC_0476 copycrop_o

I came across the concept of theological rocks several years ago. The premise is, every one of us has certain foundational beliefs, .i.e. rocks, that ground us in our lives and ministry. These core beliefs about who God is and how God acts define our ministries, illuminating what we believe and value. Everyone has theological rocks…and they’re important.

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