Create Movements, Not Resolutions

It was G.K. Chesterton who changed my thinking about time and age. I used to think as the years added up and your life ebbed farther away from adolescence it meant you were slowly dying, even though no one wanted to admit it. I viewed life like that creepy hour glass on the Days of Our Lives—it just keeps dropping sand until your out. Chesterton, however, wrote about God having an ‘eternal appetite of infancy,’ that is to say, he doesn’t grow old or tired, but lives each day with the same passion and excitement as when the world was first created. Our Heavenly Father, according to Chesterton, is younger than we are.
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A graduation, a concert, and this beautiful life


There’s a strange occurrence that happens when you go to a lot of graduations. You begin to think about the time when you graduated and how the years have added up since then. Time is a fickle thing like that, always adding and never subtracting. When you’re young, the road ahead looks wide and vast, and never-ending. Then one day you realize how quickly the time is moving. That day is called reality and it’s sobering and a little painful.

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You don’t have to be Bob Dylan


I was having coffee with a dear friend of mine the other day and we got to talking about art and music and our shared desire to pursue these avenues. My friend told me that often the problem is, we begin any meaningful pursuit in the arts with an end goal in mind. We believe we are supposed to be like him or her, and we measure our success against theirs. Deep down, we know this is completely unfair since we often judge the end of someone’s career with our beginning, but at the same time, it’s unfair because we are not  a carbon copy of that person. As my friend said, “You don’t have to be Bob Dylan.”

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Thoughts on Rejection

*This is a guest post from one of my high school students. Recently he wrote about how his relationship with God helped him during a difficult situation and what he learned from the experience. I love his insight. Enjoy!


I recently asked a girl to prom. Simple enough right? There were some unimportant things that were said/done after but the gist of the young lady’s response was “No.” Cue the dramatic music and teenage cry fit right? Wrong. She was astounded too. I think she expected me to go off on her or have some other crazy response. I didn’t. It stung at first but really my walk with Christ had really helped me to deal with a situation such as this with ease.

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