Everything and Nothing


Used with permission: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/empty-office-1519291

In the gospels Jesus asked this simple, yet haunting question–“What good is it to gain the world, yet lose your soul?” In other words, what if you have it all, but you’re missing what matters most?

Is it possible to be incredibly full and yet painfully empty? Can someone have it all together, and yet, be utterly and irrevocably depleted? Jesus was entreating us to think about our lives and what we’re striving for. He was inviting us to consider what constitutes a meaningful life.

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When Things Go Wrong


Used with permission: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/way-wrong-1245111

Last week we had one of those nights where everything we’d planned fell apart. Have you been there? First, it was the computer acting up. Then it was the projector. We tried various solutions to fix the problem, but we were at a loss.

Night like this are always frustrating. We try our best, but then end up surrendering to the reality that we can’t fix the issue. It made me think about life and what we do when things go wrong.

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Laughing At Our Sin



I’ve been thinking lately–which I know might be a dangerous thing–about the issues we all have. This all happened after I counseled some of our students who told me they were ‘struggling’ with sin.

We talked about Scripture and Jesus and still felt like we were back at square one. I thought about what sin means if you’re in Christ. Being in Christ means you have been set free. And freedom is something to take joy in.

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Realistic Expectations


Expectations. We all have them. At times, they can be a point of focus, a perennial north star guiding us into the future. And those other times? Well, they can be a major source of pain and frustration. This is especially true when people place expectations on us.

I’ve noticed this often occurs in the lives of young people. Deliberate or not, we tend to place unrealistic expectations on them. This is partly due to a desire to see them succeed and live healthy, full lives. Another part, though, is due to a misunderstanding we have when working with young people.

We’ve forgotten to let young people be… young people.

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