The Journey To The Cross (Thoughts on Good Friday)

Used with permission:

Used with permission:

Towards the end of Holy Week, we come to Good Friday. Today, we take time to reflect on the sacrifice of Christ, the darkness that filled the land, the belief that everything was over.

As we enter into a time of reflection on this day, it helps to dwell on what Jesus went through and what this meant to His earliest followers.

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The Rhythm of Summer

Used with permission:

Used with permission:

Summer is my favorite season by far.

It’s barbecues and pool parties; beach trips and sunburns; blockbusters and late nights; bike rides and iced coffees. The sights and sounds of summer are well upon us now. And don’t they give us all the ‘feels?’

Over the years, I’ve often mourned the brevity of summer. It seems to fly by at light-speed and then take ions to return. This year, I’m trying to savor the summer.

There is a certain rhythm to this time of the year and I’m trying live in its beat. Summer is beautiful for many reasons. Maybe one of them is the brevity of it all.

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Why I read the same two books every year

Les Livres

Les Livres–open

This is my confession, circa Usher 2004 (Just when I thought I said all I could say…you know that jam, right?):

Every December, I read the same two books. Kind of weird? Perhaps. Meaningful? I’d like to think so. The reason? I haven’t found two other books more poetic, inspiring, whimsical, or beautiful. I take a week or two in December, right around Christmas, to read through these beauties. I’ve been doing it for a few years now and it continues to be great fun.

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Why I did Nanowrimo 2015 Used with permission Used with permission


Month of over-eating and college sports.

A little dash of thankfulness and then consumer stampedes at the mall. It’s an interesting time of the year indeed.

But the eleventh month of the year has come to mean something else for me.

This month also happens to be famous for a ludicrous and audacious writing challenge known as Nanowrimo (a.k.a., National Novel Writing Month).

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