The Rhythm of Summer

Used with permission:

Used with permission:

Summer is my favorite season by far.

It’s barbecues and pool parties; beach trips and sunburns; blockbusters and late nights; bike rides and iced coffees. The sights and sounds of summer are well upon us now. And don’t they give us all the ‘feels?’

Over the years, I’ve often mourned the brevity of summer. It seems to fly by at light-speed and then take ions to return. This year, I’m trying to savor the summer.

There is a certain rhythm to this time of the year and I’m trying live in its beat. Summer is beautiful for many reasons. Maybe one of them is the brevity of it all.

Life slows down, but also speeds up during the middle months of the calendar. It’s a paradox indeed, but would we really have it any other way?

I’m not sure why it happens, but there is a sense of freedom during the summer.

A new-found hope and zest for life breaks forth once June rolls around. When else can you experience such a variety of activities?

Summer means vacations and road trips and campouts and outdoor concerts. It’s movie marathons and ice-cream sundaes. It’s s’mores and sand and swimming.

It happens so fast, and yet, those summer days seem to linger just a little longer. The warm nights beckon us to long conversations over cold drinks and bonfires.

Summer reminds us to live presently and fully. We take time for things we might make excuses for at other points during the year.

And then, there’s the undeniable and inescapable truth that summer is the season to try out new things. New hobbies, taking risks, and giving something a try just because you can. It’s all part of the DNA of summer.

But this season of newness and relaxation is often full of activities and trips and outings. Summer usually represents more scheduled time and more obligations. But within the full weeks and evenings, there’s an excitement during this time of the year that is lacking at other times.

In the church world, summer means camps and mission trips. It’s signing up for long days and short nights of sleep. Honestly, the pace during summer can be taxing. But knowing it’s a season is liberating. I can go all out for this week. I can push and pull and press and plunge into it all. I can’t keep this up for the entire year, but for this week, during this season, I can.

I’ve learned over the years that summer has a certain rhythm. It’s fast-paced and then slow and winding. It’s moments of rest and rejuvenation, and then a mad dash of energy to the point of breaking down.

Perhaps this is part of the mysterious and beautiful nature of summer. A season unlike any other during the year. It’s a time to grow and change; a season to explore and experiment.

Summer is an all out sprint, but also a marathon. It’s an energetic rock ballad, and also a smooth jazz track.

I’m trying to embrace it all this year–to live fully in the busy moments and reflect during the times of pause and contemplation.

But most of all, I’m listening and wondering and searching. Summer is good for the soul and I’m trying to fill up.

It’s July 6th.

This means summer is in full swing with so much more to experience over the coming months.

I’m diving in. I hope you are too.


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