Thoughts on Rejection

*This is a guest post from one of my high school students. Recently he wrote about how his relationship with God helped him during a difficult situation and what he learned from the experience. I love his insight. Enjoy!


I recently asked a girl to prom. Simple enough right? There were some unimportant things that were said/done after but the gist of the young lady’s response was “No.” Cue the dramatic music and teenage cry fit right? Wrong. She was astounded too. I think she expected me to go off on her or have some other crazy response. I didn’t. It stung at first but really my walk with Christ had really helped me to deal with a situation such as this with ease.

On Rejection: “In all of life, every aspect of your life, there will always be a ground-note running of cosmic disappointment.” This was told to me by a pastor who was speaking at a Bible college I was looking into. Many would see this statement as depressing. At first glance I honestly did too. But the pastor went on to explain that people are constantly going to let you down. Constantly. We try to put our faith in people, but people aren’t perfect. It isn’t depressing to think that people are going to let you down and not always do the right thing. We’re all broken. We all have sin. We’ll all mess up. How do we stop the everlasting disappointment that will come from expecting people to be perfect? I’ve found 2 answers.

1. Put your faith in the one person you know is perfect. Jesus. Some would say this is simple. I guess we all have our different struggles because this is not always the easiest thing for me. But once I can put full faith in Him my life always seems to come together and just feel right. Even if not everything is perfect (it never will be).

2. Stop expecting perfection. I read a book by Donald Miller in which he said the key to happiness is to not expect much. Now Donald Miller isn’t Jesus Christ so take anything he says with a grain of salt, but this is really helping me with dealing with rejection.

People are going to mess up. You will. I will. Everyone is going to mess up and disappoint. So if we stop expecting every thing to go EXACTLY the way we plan it maybe we’ll find ourselves less disappointed and more accepting of new roads that God may want us to head in.

Also one last thing, if you are ever absolutely exasperated by a situation with rejection or anything, I would challenge you to pray to God to lead your life in the direction he wants. I promise you. Crazy things will happen. I prayed this. And God took me to Kenya. Rejection can be God leading you in a different direction than what you may have intended. We just have to be open to seeing his work.

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