Uncertainty Is Part Of The Game


I don’t know about you, but I struggle a bit with decision making. Oftentimes, I search for affirmation and guidance whilst navigating the changing waters of life. And the bigger the decision, the more desperately I seek out help and support.

This has plagued me for most of my life and I find myself wondering if I’m truly making the right decision. Because, frankly, sometimes there are multiple right decisions. I’m learning that perhaps it’s not about making the “right” decision, but leaning into the one we feel led to. And sometimes that means embracing uncertainty.

I’ve had some significant decisions come up somewhat recently in my life.  I’ve chatted about them with friends and family–which is my natural way of trying to find the right thing to do–and gone back and forth on which path I wanted to take.

I’ve prayed and listened and believed God was guiding me…but I’ve also believed He’s holding onto Heaven’s rails, excited to see which path I take.

I’m learning there are some decisions that don’t have a right or wrong about them. They are, in a sense, neutral.

As people created in God’s image, we’ve been afforded agency over our lives.This means we are fully capable of making decisions regarding our lives and futures. I’m not saying that God in all His awesomeness and wisdom doesn’t lead or prompt us. He does.

But sometimes His prompting is for us to pay attention to our hearts, and our souls, and then to take action.

At times, there are decisions that are solely up to us to make. No amount of help or input can actually make the decision for us. This is tough, but it’s an important truth to swallow.

I can remember times in my life where I felt debilitated at the prospect of a certain decision. The stress was intense and coming to any kind of conclusion seemed insurmountable. But recently I’ve been thinking differently about decisions.

Life isn’t about one wrong choice equaling “the end.” Sometimes decisions are just the natural course we take. You make the decision because that is simply what you have to do.

We fear change and loss, and the truth is, every decision will have a reaction of sorts. Beginning something new often means the end of something else. And there’s pain when we move on and let go.

There will probably be moments when we’ll make decisions and look back and wonder why we did it. Then, at other times, we’ll be so happy with what we decided to do we won’t think twice about it.

Regrets, in that sense, are a natural part of life. They will exist and we’ll wonder if we made the correct decisions.

We’ll probably have sleepless nights and fight back against the pain of things not working out. But we will also have joy because we had the courage to choose.

I’m not sure how decisions always work. I wish I was gifted clairvoyant abilities to see beyond what’s right in front of me. But we’re not that lucky as humans.  Sometimes we just gotta act, even when we’re unsure.

When it’s all said and done, and the final candle is blown out of our metaphorical life birthday cake, we won’t be so upset about the little things, but we’ll wonder if we actually lived and took a few risks with our time on earth.

Uncertainty is going to be the ever-present variable in life’s major decisions. There’s no getting around it. Therefore, instead of letting the fear or anxiety or worry hold us back, we can walk boldly into the space of the unknown.

Real decisions aren’t made in the comfort and clarity–they come in the chaos.

Is there something coming up in your life that causes you worry and stress? Have you been experiencing sleepless nights lately? Perhaps there’s something stirring in your heart that you need to pay attention to. Perhaps it’s time to embrace the uncertainty and walk forward anyway.

It might not be easy and it might be incredibly confusing at this moment in time. But uncertainty is part of the game. Faith, after all, is being certain of what we hope for.

So walk in faith.

Take the risk.

Embrace the difficult decision.

Because this is life.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that it is a joy to have options come our way. It’s a joy it is to be alive, with the world before us and decisions to be made.

It’s an incredible gift to know we have time on our side and decisions to sift through.

And the more I think about it, decisions don’t seem quite so scary when I know uncertainty is just part of the process.

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